Bluegrass Soy Sauce


What it is:  Bluegrass Small-Batch Soy Sauce 

Details:  5-ounce bottle, $6.

Who makes it:  Bourbon Barrel Foods, in Louisville, Kentucky… “The Gateway to Bourbon Country” – yes, let us through those gates!

Why I love it:  Bourbon Barrel's Matt Jamie, sources local ingredients to make a new-to-Kentucky product, soy sauce! He forms a mash with boiled Kentucky soybeans, roasted wheat, spring water, salt and yeast, then ferments it the Kentucky way - in bourbon barrels that were once filled with the Bluegrass State's finest bourbon.  The result is an exemplary condiment that gives subtle nuances of oak and bourbon with just the right amount of salt.

How I’ll use this in my kitchen:  I love making soups, dressings and dips with a homemade dashi and soy sauce base, and I can't wait to experiment with this new smokey soy sauce.  Two of my all time favorite dishes are hijiki, a seaweed salad studded with edamame, carrots, daikon and sesame seeds and tossed with a soy sauce and mirin dressing and ohitashi, a warm spinach side with a sesame and soy sauce dressing.  Or how about a new take on a banh mi sandwich with pork belly and a soy mustard sauce.

Bourbon Barrel Foods
Louisville, KY

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